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The Company History
Established Since 1999, Dot.Com has taken Malaysia’s IT industry by surprise, rejuvenating the market by providing extensive all-round IT products and services. It’s state-of-the-art technology and out-of-the-box forward thinking has elevate them as one of Malaysia’s IT Security system’s frontrunner, enabling them to expand their retail activities throughout Johor to meet the demands for better quality services.
Product and Technology

Their main products & services include:

•  Long Distance Transmission (Wireless & Fiber Optic)
•  Security System (CCTV, Alarm, Auto Gate & Access Control)
•  Solar Power & UPS
•  Cable (Power & Control)

Markets and Served

what makes Dot.Com so, irresistible? Their confidence, assurance of providing quality security systems and most important of all, their extensive knowledge of understanding user’s requirements have molded them to what they are today. The boasting of their proudest system, Dot.Com digital Surveillance System is not of without reasons, and rightly so. With its centralized security data management, companies will be able to retrieve images and monitor the movements of different branches and remote areas in their Main DataCenter. Also, the ability to integrate with existing video cameras allows a company to save up both physical and time cost.


Dot.Com is committed to providing companies with a complete, complex security system that is simple to navigate and use, and it is the very reason why Dot.Com stand tall and firm in the competitive market today. The relentless brainstorming of coming up with a complete security system, a second-to-none extensive understanding of security environments and needs, the commitment of bringing end users with the latest, most secure solutions, need I say more?