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Draka UCCONECT - Product overview

  Overview Product Types
UCC Copper Keystones Jacks
  • Plug in connectors for patchcord to cable.
  • Available in premium, toolfast.
  • Available in standard, punchdowns and toolfree.
  • Cat5e to Cat6a


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UCC Copper Patchcords
  • Stranded copper cable terminated with RJ45 connectors on both side.
  • Available in premium and standard level.
  • Cat5e and Cat6a
UCC Copper Panels & Managements
  • Housing for the proper arrangments of keystones, so that patching can be done neatly.
  • Punchdown and empty panels.
  • Available in premium and standard level.
  • Cat5e and Cat6a
UCC Copper Faceplates
  • Plastic or metal plating at the end of the work for end onnection to machines.
  • Cosmetic outlook is concern.
  • Available in premium and standard level.
  • UK, France, Asia design.
UCC Copper Accessories
  • Accessories for security ie Panel secure plug, release key.
  • Termination tools for Toolfast and normal punchdown keystones jacks.
UCC Copper SmartMANAGE
  • A solution of interfacing connectivity primarily panels and patchcords which are linked by a pre-set software, to monitor various status of any points, ie loading %, connection %, and breakage, point-point trace, loose links etc.
UCC Multimedia Boxes
  • Office/home points for jointing of horizontal last end connection to peripherals.
  • Copper or fibre or both boxes are available.
UCC Fibre Adaptors
  • Available in mutliple connectors type ie LC/FC/ST/SC/Escon/MTRJ.
  • UPL (ultra polished contact) is default, Angled Polished Contact is also available.