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Draka MMS Specials - Product overview

  Overview Product Types
Bus Cables
  • Used for interconnecting sensors to monitoring peripherals ie computers.
  • Charateristics usually shielded, bare conductor, and have high capacitance tolerance.
  • For fast data rate transfer.
  • Profibus DP/PA, Fieldbus, Canbus etc.


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  • Used as transmission line for higher frequency signals, primarily in CATV and CCTV usages.
  • 75ohm primarily for Pictures, 50ohm for Data.
Screened Data & PAGA
  • Control data cables used primarily for serial link networks, also mainly in building management for simple logic control ie Door access, carpark sensors, HBAC sensors, lightning, intercom, Public Alarm & General Address.
Studio & Broadcast
  • Studio cables used in media broadcast facilities.
  • Audio and multipairs cables for connecting broadcasting equipments.
  • Microphone cables, audio cables, video link etc.